Published June 03, 2021

How to Write Content For Amazon Affiliate Site

“So, tell me about yourself,” said the blank screen to the designer embarking on their portfolio website. Indeed, creating an online portfolio comes with its share of big life questions. It’s your chance to tell the world who you are as a creative, delving into your projects, passions, experiences, and expertise - so the stakes are high for getting it right. Not to mention, it’s what gets you hired (or commissioned).


Whatever you want to tell them, you have to do with the content of your site. Naturally, people come to your site for obvious reason, and you must place some important and helpful things for them. For an Amazon Affiliate website, your main purpose is to help people with the information they are looking for and of course, you want to sell a product. There are other types of affiliate marketing system where you can sell other services as well. The amazon affiliate websites give priority to amazon products. So, here we will tell you how you can write content that will convert and will bring some money for you

There are two ways to write about products. The first way is buying a product for your own and then use it to know its performance. This way is more trusted and reliable to the people and you can also explain everything easily to them. But it is not always possible to buy products for testing purpose. In that case, you can help from the product pages of the products. You can know about the products from the products pages. The information you will get from the page will help you to know the features and specifications of a product. There is another helpful thing which is ‘Customer Review’ section. You can know about the actual performance people get after using the product there. That will help you to understand which one is really helpful for the users and you can include the items on your website then.

For these types of article, you can write the ways to choose the best product in a specific category. Sometimes people also want to know how to use a gadget, tools, or anything that they buy. Especially the beginner always looks for how to use a product. In order to write a buying guide for a product, you have to research over some items. You can point out what are the common and most useful features they provide. When you will know about the common and useful facts of the products, you can tell the readers to consider the facts carefully.

Everybody says that content is king for a website. There are some reasons behind that. As we said already there is no way to talk directly with the readers, you have to convince them through what the content. In that case, one of the most important things is the article. For an amazon affiliate website, you have to put two types of articles. One is ‘Buying guide/How to’ types and another one is ‘Money Article/Money Content’.

First of all, you have to choose the best products to write a review article. Choose the product which is easy to use and be sure that users will get most of the features as like as they expect. It is also very important to have sufficient facilities for servicing (for the tools). Before you start writing about a product, be prepared to spend sufficient time for research. Knowing the information from the product page is not enough to write a good product review. Suppose, you are going to write a product review for a niche site. In that case, you must write about 500-1000 words for each product. Try to write an engaging review. Don’t make the review larger with unnecessary words. If you so that, your article will not engage. As a result, you will get no benefit from there. So, make sufficient research over the product you are going to write about. Be sure that you are not telling about the product features only. Telling about the benefits is more important. You have to tell them the reasons for buying the product you are promoting. An interesting fact is, telling the features and benefits are not so enough to convince a customer. You have to confirm the customer that if they face any problem after buying or while using the product, there are sufficient solutions. Otherwise, they can be distracted by the product.

Make it easy to the reader. You can use the words which are easy to understand. Remember that, easier the article means more chances to convert. Try to write the product with short sentences so that it will easy to understand. Writing a lot of words that people can’t understand properly is totally waste of your time. Make easy whatever you write. Remember that, you are not writing a Medical or Engineering book. Try to avoid the grammatical mistake which is a big issue. Grammar mistake will be a great disturbance while doing SEO. That will decrease the value of your article as well.


Never ever think of giving up. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Take all negative words out of your mental dictionary and focus on the solutions with utmost conviction and patience. The battle is never lost until you’ve abandon your vision.